Best Yoga Pants: iLoveSIA Women’s Tight Ankle Legging



iLoveSIA Women’s Tight Ankle Legging

When it comes to yoga pants they can be used for almost any activity imaginable from dancing, exercise, jogging and many others. Some women even wear them casually. The benefits of wearing such pants are close to none but some women feel good in them. On the other hand men love them as well. Yoga pants can be seductive due to their design which does not hide the natural curves of the female body.

Looking at some recent statistics, women started wearing them more often without a particular reason. Many retailers have claimed that yoga pants increased in sales while denim dropped at least for the US population. The same trend seems to be followed around the glove which is not surprising.

Most of what people are calling yoga pants are made of a stretching material such as cotton combined with spandex. This makes their sizing a bit more versatile and one model can fit women of different sizes. However there are some boundaries and there are some common sense rules for wearing them. Yoga pants usually target fit people or people with just a few extra pounds. Because they fit so tight onto the legs and waist line they tend to reveal a lot. We went ahead and selected 10 models out of the hundreds that are available. To run things short here is our list of the top 10 best yoga pants for women in 2016 reviews.

iLoveSIA women’s tight yoga pants is a great pick from many points of view. First of all they are made with 92% cotton and just 8% spandex. This means that women with sensitivities for Polyester will not need to worry about it with the iLoveSIA yoga pants.

Similar to other yoga pants they have a high elasticity and come with a breathable texture. The model is safe to be washed in a machine even in hot water. They are available in a wide selection of colors and sizes to choose from.


Yoga pants can come in various models. The more traditional ones that everyone is familiar with are the long version that mold on the legs and hips. Another option would be to get a flared model although they are not ideal for working out. Last but not least the three quarter ones prove to be the best for runners. Regardless all of them are stretchy, comfortable and allow the skin to breathe properly.

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