Tightening and Toning Workouts for Women

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Tightening and Toning Workouts for Women

The three most problematic areas for women are typically the glutes, abs and thighs. Every woman has had trouble keeping these areas toned at least once and possibly more times than that. These areas are the most common among complaints from women and are the areas where they would like to focus on the most. Well, fear not ladies we are here to offer you some helpful advice and share with you some of the best exercises you can do in order to tighten and tone these problem areas.


The first exercise that you should add to your workout routine is lunges with one arm dumb bell press ups. This is done by holding a dumbbell in one hand supporting it with your shoulder. Then you lunge pressing the dumbbell straight up over your head until you reach a full extension. Bring the dumbbell back down onto your shoulder and rise from your lunge. Repeat this exercise while alternating legs.


Next you will want to try doing one arm overhead lunges using a dumbbell. This exercise is executed by holding a dumbbell overhead in one hand while your elbow is completely locked out. While in this position you will want to lunge keeping the dumbbell overhead. Alternate legs and do as many repetitions as you can or that you have planned for.

Overhead lunges with a barbell are also a great toning and tightening exercise. This exercise is performed by pressing the barbell up over your head. When your arms are fully extended, you will lunge alternating legs as you go. These are great exercises to tone your thighs and glutes. You can do these in increments of ten or fifteen per set. If you like this exercise you may also want to try adding overhead squats as well. Overhead squats are done by pressing the barbell up over your head, extending your arms fully and squatting.

To round out your toning and tightening routine you can include side lunges with alternating dumbbell press ups. To perform this exercise you will bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders and rest them there. While moving into a side lunge, press one dumbbell over your head until your arm is fully extended. Place the dumbbell back onto your shoulder and repeat using the opposite arm.


These are all great exercises that will help you tighten and tone your thighs, arms and glutes. When done regularly and correctly you will begin to notice improvements. When first beginning these types of exercises you will want to start off using lighter weights and work your way up heavier weights. Start off slow and do not expect to see results overnight, remember, anything worth having requires time and patience.

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